We are cat lovers. We grew up with cats and are raising the next generation of cat lovers. A passion for cat welfare led to our decision to open Daily Mews Cat Cafe here in Charlotte, NC.

Daily Mews was founded on the belief that just as humans can positively affect the lives of animals, animals also change our lives for the better. Spending time with cats has been shown to lower stress levels and promote feelings of calm and well-being. Here at the cafe, we call it purr therapy.

We also believe that every cat deserves a forever home. We partner with local rescue groups to identify cats in need of fostering, and provide them safe haven at Daily Mews. This gives our human visitors a chance to get to know and interact with our cats in a relaxed, cage-free environment. Our goal is for every cat who comes in our door to find its purrfect human companion.

At Daily Mews Cat Cafe, the well-being of our cats is our highest priority. We set the bar for cleanliness, and our cat lounge is designed with thoughtful perks throughout, such as climbing trees, a window bridge, and large garden windows for sun-baths. The cats also have a large retreat area for when they need to decompress. These details help our cats feel relaxed and confident, so you can really get to know their unique purrsonalities!